Video 1 - introduction to homefires, tour the shop explain the history

Video 2 - @8 minutes - General explanation of the 3 types of fireplaces available in the US today

Video 3 - @10 minutes - Contractor Edition - Vented fireplace elaboration, new construction design tips (contractor tips and what to watch out for), explain venting designs and box sizing, air circulation tips (venting and outside air). renovations and venting (reverse draw in double stacks, outside air), proper chimney caps, chimney damage (crown, foundation [vertical/horizontal cracks], flue type [stones, brick, tiles], mortar age (expansion/contraction) and proper chimney caps. Custom design and chimney fans. Vented gas fire types + how to apply a whole home remote control system to a vented fireplace.

Video 4 - @6 minutes - Ventless fireplace elaboration, design requirements (clearances and combustion air requirements) how the fire works and why its special.

Video 5 - @10 minutes - Direct vent fireplace elaboration. What they do, how they are installed, what to expect, general experience explanation.