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Homefires has a full range of machines used for cutting, drilling, folding, bending and welding metal. We also have drafting and AutoCAD tools. And when used in conjunction with our partners throughout North Carolina, who have large scale machines such as water-jet and laser cutters. There is very little we are not capable of delivering, as long as it doesn't require a crane to physically move it! One of the most common items we produce are custom sized gas-fired burners (see downloads link for order form). These can be used for antique firebaskets or old cast iron inserts. This way you are able to keep the integrity of the architectural design but get functionality out of an otherwise wasted fireplace. But that is just the tip of the iceburg regarding our design services. Our staff has many years of experience in designing a variety of different types of items. We have even helped in the design and prototype of a laparoscopic medical device.


Over the years it has come to our attention how much misinformation there is on the fireplace. Especially regarding the integrity of a flue pipe. And it doesn't help that there are thousands of sweeps and specialists out there who make a living off relining fireplaces, risking liability and possible revenue by telling people that their fireplace is okay for use. Now, we are NOT saying that fireplaces are okay for use in all circumstances, certainly that is not the case. In fact, fireplaces are regularly the most neglected part of a home, they have one of the hardest jobs in the home, and are exposed to greater elements than anywhere else. But it is helpful for a homeowner to have a better understanding of how it all works (see education tab). And when in doubt, Homefires is willing to come and provide a full fireplace and flue inspection and give you an unbiased opinion on the condition of your fireplace. Including what to expect in regards to whatever type of fuel you plan to burn.


Another useful service we offer are fireplace calculations and draft analysis. We take the opening size of the fireplace plus the size and height of the flue to determine if the fireplace meets design recommendations for natural draft. This can help diagnose possible venting issues and determine what is the culprit. And in some cases, the recommendation for the addition of a chimney fan and design guidance on how to add that and integrate it with varios types of fuel sources.


Homefires prefers to stick to selling tangible product rather than installing said product. The problem is that our clients are spread out all over the country. So, to solve this dilemma, we have compiled a list of extremely reliable and competent installers in many major cities. However, under the right circumstances (and with the right financial incentive), we will travel as far north as DC and as far south as Jacksonville Florida to deliver and install product for our clients. And while we have the know how, we avoid installing gas lines as we are not plumbers. Instead, we stick to connecting to existing gas lines which is a service that is covered under our insurance and is totally legal without a license in any state.